BOOK REVIEW Mastering Real Estate Valuation & Advanced Valuation for Secured Lending by Banks and Financial Institutions


Mastering Real Estate Valuation


Advanced Valuation for Secured Lending by Banks and Financial Institutions

NEW DELHI (TECHNO REPORTER): Syamales Datta’s Mastering Real Estate Valuation, 1st Ed. (nick MREV) is the worldwide #1 bestseller on property valuation in the Indian context. He is also the author of Advanced Valuation for Secured Lending by Banks & Financial Institutions, 2nd Ed. (nick AV2E) which is much shorter.


Mastering Real Estate Valuation

Advanced Valuation for Secured Lending by Banks and Financial Institutions

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These are references for valuation & related exams of IBBI, IOS, CGA, CPV, RICS, engineering & architectural colleges, graduate degrees in real estate valuation, management programs, land economics & real estate investment courses, etc. The Valuer Excellence Awardee author had key drafted the FIS syllabus, taught the IBBI certification and been an examiner with RICS, and valued high-value assets of the Govt. of India, and several private firms, among others. Institutions may also use it as required reading. Both the books are paperbacks, saving shelf space.

Shareable PDF samples of each of the titles: and respectively. Click to read back cover & ToC.

MREV ISBN 9789353218645 costs INR1,500+ship, has 700 pages & weighs 1.15 kg.

It excerpts IVS & RICS and has 53 solved probs on leaseholds amid 98 with bulletproof numerical accuracy using print on demand. Problems were checked by 18 confrères including gold medalists. It teaches valuation of leasehold & freehold interests, valuation for sale, purchase & secured lending, statutory valuation, valuation for defense in courts, valuation for rent control acts, valuation for lease renewals and surrender for leases, valuation for capitals gains, valuation tables & formulae, schedules, plinth area rates, and case laws. Cf. ToC in PDF sample aforementioned for much more. The map matching the IBBI syllabus to the tome which is not a superset is at

AV2E ISBN 9789351569473 costs INR550+ship, has 242 pages & weighs 0.24 kg.

It excerpts IVS & RICS and has 35 solved probs. Highlights include mortgage valuation, property types, discounted cash flows, construction of tables, valuation approaches and comparable evidence. Cf. ToC in PDF sample aforementioned for much more.

Book Trivia for MREV:

MREV was released during the 49th Indian Valuers’ Congress on 2018-12-29 (vid) More at

18 problem reviewers were recruited in just 72 hours.

The title received a 100% royalty waiver from IVSC—during a bank strike—to reduce the price for Indian & overseas students.

India’s foremost print-on-demand portal, Pothi by Mudranik surprised readers by publishing the author’s interview in 2 parts ( &

These people may benefit from the titles: valuers, civil engineers, architects, lawyers, judges, developers, economists, accountants, commerce grads, students, commercial property owners, housewives, home buyers, and everyone else. MANY HOMEOWNERS ARE HAPPY TO SOLVE THEIR FIRST REAL PROPERTY VALUATION PROBLEM! Not, not recommended for kids!!

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Syamales Datta

Real Property Valuation Author

Syamales Datta received his honors degree in physics from the University of Calcutta in 1963. He went on to qualify for the Professional Associate of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (ARICS) exams in 1971 while serving the Howrah Improvement Trust (HIT) as Deputy Assistant Valuer.

A series of promotions followed and in 1993 he was appointed Chief Valuer of HIT, a post he held memorably up to his retirement from service in the spring of 2004.

Datta is a life fellow of the Institution of Surveyors and the Institution of Valuers, both headquartered in New Delhi.

His first volume, Valuation of Real Property: Principles and Practice was published by Eastern Law House of Calcutta in 1993. The book became a major hit among practicing valuers and in 2004 a second edition was published. The scroll is used by the Master of Science in Real Estate Valuation program taught at the Institute of Science & Technology for Advanced Studies & Research (ISTAR), affiliated with Sardar Patel University, Gujrat.

His lectures are much sought after at symposia and workshops like his contributions to periodicals and research studies. Syamales Datta has taught valuation at the Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, formerly Bengal Engineering College, and has also trained up departmental officials of the WB Valuation Board and the LICI.

He has also been a visiting professor and research supervisor at Annamalai University for their M.Sc. program. Prominently, he has taught valuation at HUDCO, Institute of Urban Management (IUM), Institute of Engineering and Management (IEM), Institute of Local Government and Urban Studies (ILGUS), and Jadavpur University (JU). He has taught the IBBI certification at IOVRVF and there is a syllabus map document matching his book MREV’s ToC to the IBBI syllabus as the book is not a superset of the latter.

Datta is a soldier of the self-publishing revolution who not only refused the 12.5% royalty offered by traditional publishing but also eschewed Microsoft’s popular products to use free and open-source software for interoperability, precision etc.

Awarded the Valuer Excellence Award in 2016, his current involvements include teaching valuation with national and foreign scholars at technical institutions, authorship and valuation consultancy. Cooking and watching world classic movies are some of his hobbies. His works are intended to enable valuers to solve problems more creatively and far beyond the limits of what they directly impart, with confidence!

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