About us


We, wish to introduce ourselves as the Council of Engineers & Valuers Group of Organizations working for the welfare & professional upliftment of Engineers & Valuers in India serving the nation with the following organizations & institutions: –

  • Registered Trust in the name of CEV Charitable Institution Trust (CEV CI Trust), Registered under Indian Trusts Act-1882, ISO-9001 Charitable Organisation Registered with NITI AAYOG, Ministry of Planning, Registered with UDHYAM, Ministry Of MSME, Income Tax Department(12A & 80G), Government Of India.
  • Council of Engineers & Valuers a Trademark registered organization with Controller General of Patents Design & Trade Marks, Government of India the Youngest, leading & most popular association Registration under Societies Registration Act (XXI of 1860) of Government of India, Registered with NITI AAYOG, Ministry of Planning, Registered with UDHYAM, Ministry Of MSME, Government Of India.
  • Licensed Registered Section-8 Charitable not for proffit Company in the name of CEV INTEGRAL APPRAISERS FOUNDATION (Registered under Section-8 of Company Rules-2013 under Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India), Registered with NITI AAYOG, Ministry of Planning, Registered with UDHYAM, Ministry Of MSME, Government of India.
  • Registered Valuers Organization (CEV IAF RVO) Recognition Number-IBBI/RVO/2018/010, being a recognized Registered Valuers Organization by the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (IBBI) as per the provision of the Companies (Registered Valuers and Valuation) Rules, 2017
  • CEV Integral Association of Journalists & Reporters Registration under Societies Registration Act (XXI of 1860) of Government of India,
  • Publishing its own News Paper named CEV TECHNO NEWS (Publication license from Registrar of Newspapers in India, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Government of India).
  • Council of Engineers & Valuers (CEV) is a registered body under the Societies Registration Act (XXI of 1860) & was established as per provisions of the constitution of India, under the guidance of eminent educationalists & professionals. & all fellow members of this association are having registration as Approved Valuer u/s 34-AB of Wealth Tax Act, 1957 Government of India.

All the organizations running under the banner of the CEV GROUP are having following identifications:

  • All having ISO-9001:2015 QMS Certification,
  • All have Registration with the Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME), Government of India.
  • Registered with NITI AAYOG, Ministry of Planning, Government Of India.
  • With more than 3500 members network throughout India and abroad and increasing day by day.
  • The nationwide spread of its technical member’s networks throughout India.
  • More than 12 Chapters in different major cities in India.
  • CEV has owned the globally renowned CTN Publishing house & news portal CEV NEWS, CEV WORLD & VALUER WORLD.
  • Four Zonal headquarters viz. Mangaluru is the Zonal Headquarter of South India, Kolkatta is the Zonal Headquarters of East India, Jalandhar is the Zonal Headquarters of North India & Bhopal is the Zonal Headquarters of Central India.
  • Having Registration with NITI AAYOG, Ministry of Planning, Government of India.


  • To carry out educational activities for the welfare of the General Public at large;
  • To establish, promote & maintain high ethical and professional standards of practice and professional conduct of citizens & General Public at large, and prevent fraudulent behavior and malfeasance in their conduct, and safeguard their rights, interests, and independence of them in all matters affecting the profession;
  • To promote good professionalism, ethical conduct, and competency of citizens & General Public at large for ensuring the quality of valuation work and to develop their profession;
  • To enroll, educate, train, promote, develop and regulate the activities of social welfare for citizens & General Public at large and to promote continuous professional development;
  • To redress grievances against citizens, society & General Public at large, or against themselves to coordinate with and assist the Authority in the implementation of the various applicable provisions of the law, and to carry out such other functions as may be carried out by its members & General Public at large as may be required by the Authority, from time to time;
  • To construct, alter and maintain any infrastructure considered necessary for the use of citizens, society, professional members, and other General Public at large or for any other purpose of the Trust;
  • To maintain a library or E-libraries for the use of citizens, society, and General Public at large and to publish information about its functions, a list of its professional members, the performance of its members, citizens, society & General Public at large, and such other information as may be desirable;
  • To nurture and develop talent in the area of Engineering & Technological Development and to impart training to, and conduct seminars and other professional development programs for citizens, society, public, and professional members;
  • To give membership to the citizens, society, General Public at large or other professionals whether Indian residents or foreigners by depositing prescribed membership fees which will be further used for their professional development & attainment of the objects of the trust;
  • To establish a specialized institution of profession & work towards general upliftment and betterment of citizens, society & General Public at large & to benefit the whole population, society & General Public at large.
  • To ensure the protection of rights of citizens & General Public at large, by taking necessary steps into the matters relating to deprivation of rights, denial of rights, and violation of rights and also to call for stringent action against those who are responsible;
  • To get recognized Indian Citizens, Professionals, Engineers, Appraisers, Valuers & General Public at large globally and professionally at the international level;
  • To create awareness about roles, duties, and limitations of citizens, society & General Public at large as per notifications and rule of law by the union of India amongst various government and semi-government agencies, courts of India, departments, banks, local bodies, etc.;
  • To promote for the public benefit high ethical standards in citizens, society & General Public at large, based on principles of truth and accuracy, independence, fairness and impartiality, humanity and accountability by the provision of education and training and the publication of useful research;
  • To strengthen cooperation between media & professional groups at national, regional, and international levels and to work, as appropriate, with other relevant governmental, intergovernmental, and non-governmental organizations in this regard;
  • To prepare, print, and publish papers, periodicals, monographs, and books in furtherance of the objects of the Trust;
  • To hold meetings and organize conferences, exhibitions, study circles, or conventions for the study, research, and development of the General Public at large;
  • To conduct engineering & technology, courses in valuation, real estate, plant & machinery, and other specialized professions. The tenure of courses may vary and/or it can be of similar nature;
  • To conduct various other skill development programs for professional upliftment;
  • To engage such officials, employees, or other persons as may be found necessary or useful for the conduct and management of the affairs of the Trust;
  • To give grants or other contributions to local or other entities in furtherance of the objects of the Trust;
  • To do, alone or in conjunction with others, the foregoing and all such other lawful things, in any manner whatsoever, consistent with the clauses of the trust deed, as may be incidental or conducive to promoting, furthering, or protecting the interests, usefulness, and efficiency of the Trust and its professional members;
  • To undertake research projects to measure the impact and scope for improvement of the projects of Trust;
  • To pay all costs, charges, and expenses of and incidental to the promotion, formation, registration and establishment of the Trust and charges in connection therewith;
  • Subject to the provisions of applicable clauses or any applicable law, to establish branches all over India wherever feasible;
  • To receive membership fees, contributions, subsidies, grants, and other modes of receipts of money for the furtherance of the objects of the Trust in conformity with applicable Indian laws;
  • To engage, employ, train, suspend and dismiss any agents, managers, superintendents, assistants, clerks, or other employees, not being members, and to remunerate any such persons at such rate as shall be thought fit and to grant pensions or gratuities to any such person or to their widow or children and generally to provide for the welfare of employees;
  • To negotiate and enter into agreements and contracts with Indian and Foreign Individuals, Companies, corporations, and such other Public organizations for technical, financial, or any other assistance for carrying on all or any of the main objects of the Trust;
  • To register the Trust under various government schemes/programs/bodies such as Skill India, MSME, and alike/others such schemes/programs/bodies launched/incorporated in the future.
  • To register the trust under Section 12A, 12AA & 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961 or any other Act of Government for Engineers, Valuers & General public at large as and when required;
  • To work in the areas of Eradication of hunger, poverty, and malnutrition; promoting preventive health care and sanitation, and making available safe drinking water;
  • To work in the areas of Promoting education, including but not restricted to special education and employment, enhancing vocational skills, especially among children, women, the elderly, and the differently-abled, and livelihood enhancement of the weaker sections of the society;
  • To work in the areas of promotion of gender equality and empowerment of women including assisting in the formation of Self-Help Groups, making them self-sustainable in all walks of life and all related activities;
  • To work in the areas of reduction in child mortality and improving maternal health;
  • To work in the areas of human welfare related to wellness including but not restricted to combating Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), Acquired Immunization Deficiency Syndrome, Malaria, and other diseases;
  • To work in the areas of Slum Development and all other related activities;
  • To work in the area of making a positive contribution to the conservation of nature, protection of the environment, natural and cultural resources, including wildlife, biodiversity, climate change, ecosystem management, greenhouse gases, waste management, renewable energy, the nuclear issue, and issues related to overpopulation, and stimulate community and private conservation efforts;
  • To work for socio-economic transformation in the arid and semi-arid areas of the country;
  • To promote National Integration, Communal Harmony, Universal Brotherhood, and Global Peace;
  • To promote and advocate Human Rights and Fundamental Freedom for all without any discrimination of race, religion, caste, color, sex, and language;
  • To refer to Arbitration of any disputes, present or future, between the Trust and any other Trust, Company, Firm, Association of Persons, individuals or body of individuals, or any other person by an arbitrator in India and/or abroad and either in accordance with the laws in force in India or laws of any other country or the International agreements for enforcement of Arbitral awards;
  • To undertake any other activities in furtherance of the aforesaid objectives, as the Trustees may deem fit;
  • That notwithstanding anything hereinbefore and hereinafter contained, the income as well as a corpus of the Trust Fund shall be applicable and applied only to and/or to safeguard and protect the interests of the General Public at large or for the objects of the Trust and for such charitable purposes as recognized or defined as charitable under the Income Tax Act, 1961 and/ or other law Governing Taxation of income and as will ensure or make the Trust hereby established under the Income Tax Act, 1961.



  1. To establish and run various welfare Centres to promote de-Addiction, welfare of senior citizens, physically and mentally handicapped person, and overall human development.
  2. To promote social welfare activities with special emphasis on women empowerment.
  3. To support good governance and anti-corruption initiatives at the country level.
  4. To prevent corruption through research, advocacy, lobbying, and awareness campaigns.
  5. To stimulate public awareness about corruption, corruption trends, and corruption impact and to enable the civil society to raise their voice against corruption.
  6. To work for the betterment of women, children, senior citizens, and the disabled and to fight against social wrongs like discrimination and harassment based on gender, etc. with a vision of social justice.
  7. To help the poor in their social affairs viz arranging group marriages and inter-caste marriages.
  8. To promote the cause of sanitation and construct toilets for the Poor free of cost.
  9. To promote water conservation, educate about the recycling of water, and spread awareness for ponds and other water reservoirs.
  10. To eliminate child labor, child trafficking, and child abuse and focus on the education and resettlement of these deprived children.
  11. To fight against corruption and make people aware of their legal and consumer rights.
  12. To undertake and Re-construct roads, to plants, Shelters for shelterless, Pure & Safe Drinking Water Facilities, Rural Sanitation, Rural Development, and other developmental works.
  13. Microfinance and SHG Group and RMK any other Micro Finance Objective.


  1. To promote, establish, run, develop and manage schools, Colleges, Technical Institutions, libraries, coaching centers etc.
  2. To render, advise, give consultation, promote utilization of research and enhance, develop, exchange research programs and establish cooperation between institutions engaged in research in various fields of modern education.
  3. To promote education, especially girl and S.C, S.T, OBC Student education.
  4. To conduct educational, environmental, and sociological studies.
  5. To promote the use of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) for the socio-economic development of the community.
  6. To push for legal and judicial reforms, civil service reform, and effective public administration.
  7. To improve accountability and transparency in political, administrative, and social areas.
  8. To advocate a more efficient public financial management and public service delivery.
  9. To construct a consensus for joining hands in corruption control.
  10. To organize training and refresher programmers for the volunteers and officials of different Non-Government Organizations to strengthen the development skills of trainees through IEC (information, education, and communication) which they can use in the development sector.
  11. To disseminate information and knowledge, to edit, publish, and print literature and documents, and organize seminars/conferences/ meetings, etc.
  12. To manage skill development programs and promote the participation of youth (unemployed as well as students) in income generation activities.
  13. Organize lectures, seminars, and workshops to help or strengthen the character-building process.
  14. To remove illiteracy and to spread Adult Education for the age group: 15-35 years.


  1. To fight against all types of violence being committed against girls, children and women and to make an aware society of such evils as dowry, molestations, and the like.
  2. To rain women for self-employment through vocational courses to be conducted free of cost to attach and Gate or made on self-help group upgrade them about loaded for them by NABARD and other such organization.
  3. Empowering women through marketing linkages of their produce/ products for ensuring food and livelihood security and a self-sustained economy.
  4. To educate women about family planning and the benefits thereof.
  5. To work for uplifting the status of women in society and to work against female circumcision and fight against the victimization of girls/ women by anybody in the society on female circumcision on any other related issues.


  1. To promote establish, run, develop and manage hospitals, medical colleges, research institutions, counseling centers, dispensaries etc.
  2. To educate people against taking drugs and alcohol.
  3. To provide help under health and nutrition services for women and children.
  4. To organize blood donation camps, and immunization and encourage organ donation.
  5. To provide free medicine to deprived residing in rural areas by arranging medical fair mobile dispensaries giving free medicine.
  6. To create awareness to fight diseases like leprosy, tuberculosis, malaria, jaundice, Cancer, HIV/ AIDS, etc.


  1. To work for environmental awareness, sustainable development, and participative management of local natural resources for village-level development.
  2. To ensure environmental sustainability, ecological balance, production of flora and fauna, Agroforestry, and conservation of natural resources.
  3. Plantation and Forestation.
  4. To create awareness about disaster management and to help the victims of natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, fires, wind storms, cyclones, etc.


  1. Encouraging sustainable agriculture development, Horticulture, and Land Development.
  2. To promote organic production and their marketing in the area of agriculture.


  1. To work for animal husbandry, animal medical care, and animal right and to implement projects on the Development of fisheries.
  2. To help the victims of natural disasters be it animals.


  1. To organize Sports events and talent search events for the youth.
  2. To promote and provide training for rural sports, nationally recognized sports, and Paralympics sports, and Olympic Sports.
  3. Career games as to the development of education courses.


  1. To the public newspaper, magazine, general and reproduction of arts, literature, science, craft, and other allied works/ collections of works of arts for instruction and imparting useful knowledge.
  2. To eliminate Poverty, unemployment, and starvation such as rural industries, home industries, small industries, and small scale industries and efforts to ensure proper market conditions.

The Council of Engineers & Valuers under the Govt. of India act (XXI of 1860) is an autonomous body. CEV has enabled Engineers to show their talent & competitiveness. It has enhanced its global reach with Nationalized membership of over 3500 (and increasing every day) competent professional and Business associates, CEV provides professional support to the infrastructure development services, banking, and financial sector of India.

CEV is formed as a professional body of Engineers & Valuers with a view to enhance their professional competence in valuation field by arranging seminars and  short term course for them & to initiate, carry out, execute, implement, aid and assist activities towards skill development of Valuers and to integrate the community of Valuers, improve the quality of knowledge, information, market development & changes, skill, expertise, services through regular education and training sessions, exchange of experience between members, facilitate introduction of best practices and disseminate information of Valuation to upgrade skill, knowledge, expertise and living standards of the Members, to set out ethical standards for the members which includes to promote social, educational and economic upliftment of the members and to promote, run and maintain centers for social need, legal aid, health- medical & counseling services, health care activities, sports activities, research activities, charitable activities, environmental protection activities, rural development activities, social & welfare activities which are directly linked to Engineers & Valuers.

CEV conduct various Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Education Programs for its members FREE OF COST.

The following courses are conducted by the Council of Engineers & Valuers for its members at its various Chapter Headquarters throughout India in association with PPDC, MSME-Technology Development Centre, Ministry Of Micro Small & Medium Enterprises.

  • Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Education Program in the valuation of Real Estate.
  • Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Education Program in the valuation of Plant, Machinery & Vehicles.
  • Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Education Program in Quantity Surveying & Estimation & Costing.
  • Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Education Program in Computer Aided Design & Drafting (CADD 2D & 3D)
  • The course Gold Appraisal Training Program.

For conducting different education programs CEV is having Memorandum of Undertaking MOU with various prestigious & renowned institutions like:-

  • PPDC, MSME-Technology Development Centre, Ministry Of Micro Small & Medium Enterprises.
  • Mehr Chand Polytechnic College, Jalandhar.
  • Baba Farid Group Of Institutions, Bhatinda.
  • DAV Institute of Engineering & Technology, DAVIET, Jalandhar
  • Guru Nanak Dev Polytechnic College, Ludhiana.
  • Technology Education & Research Institutions, Kurukshetra.
  • DHC International Gem Lab & institute.
  • Youth Hostel, Burlton Park, Jalandhar.
  • Shining Star Sr Sec School, Harbans Nagar, Jalandhar.
  • Career Motives Institute, Jalandhar.
  • Professional Building Designers Association, Jalandhar
  • Building Designers & Engineers Association, Jalandhar
  • Education Solution, Jalandhar
  • Sunrise University, Alwar, Rajasthan
  • The Assay Office, National Gem And Jewellery Authority, Ministry Of Industries, Colombo, Sri Lanka
  • Castor Training Academy, Jalandhar.
  • Gold Appraisers Association, Sri Lanka
  • Opulent Technologies, Chandigarh.


All our members can access careers advice, the latest engineering news, networking and development opportunities as well as receive discounts on training, events, and exclusive member offers. By joining India’s leading organization you will be part of a professional community of over 3500 members (increasing every day) in all the states sharing a common vision of ‘WORKING TO ENGINEER A BETTER WORLD’.

Our mission is to inspire, inform and influence by providing a rich portfolio of products and services designed to meet the need of our members at every life and career stage. We hope that you will embrace the CEV as your own professional home for life and recognize that this is where you belong.


Practicing Engineer & valuer Certification after due diligence enhances the knowledge, skill, and competency of engineering professionals and also elevates their career by making them a member of an elite group of engineers & valuers. The rise in demand for competent engineers & valuers in the country necessitates the importance of Professional Engineers for certifying the engineering plans, drawings, etc. for any public works of the various departments.


The following table depicts the designatory letters that can be appended after name based on membership category and certification as per entitlement.



CEV Members to undertake various training programs at various programs through Continual Professional Development (CPD) Courses and Programs organized from time to time by the organization.


CEV Members after properly fulfilling experience & qualification criteria laid by IBA can avail the opportunity to get empanelment in various prominent nationalized & private banks. Many major leading banks and financial institutions of the country(like SBI, PNB, UCO, UBI, IRDA, etc.) have recognized the Council of Engineers & Valuers as one of the approved professional organizations whose membership is necessary for empanelment purposes.


Share your expertise, develop your knowledge and contacts and broaden your career and professional horizons by involving with CEV. The CEV has many centers in all the states and major cities and towns around the country, ensuring that there is a community of members near you. Technical activities in your local area enable you to meet fellow professionals and enjoy the benefits of your network with your Chapters.


Facilities to use rich collections of the CEV Academy and Digital library networks in any part of the country. Attend National & International Seminars, and workshops conducted by CEV in different parts of the country at a concessional rate. Opportunity to participate in technical events e.g. seminars, Symposia, Conventions, Workshops, etc. organized by various CEV centers at State, National and International levels at a concessional rate.


  • E-access to CEVWORLD.COM and avail Benefit of the same at a concessional rate.
  • E-access to other technical publications e.g. CEV Techno News, CEV CTN Publication, and E-Books.


CEV has instituted several awards sponsored by reputed organizations and individuals. These awards are presented to individuals and organizations to recognize their talents and their contribution to the growth of the engineering & valuation profession and Construction. CEV Members of various Educational Institutions are given preference in the disbursement of Awards & Scholarships for R&D Activities for educational & Professional purposes.


Free Club Membership on social Media is a powerful, intuitive online tool that enables you to:

  • Maintain your profile
  • Update your skill areas
  • Record your Certification & CPD
  • Build your impressive social media profile
  • To make yourself visible to the client’s industry
  • Managing program schedule
  • Find your network


  • Corporate Members are having the opportunity for appearing in the valuation examination conducted by Authority IBBI through CEV INTEGRAL APPRAISERS FOUNDATION RVO.
  • Corporate Members are having the opportunity for getting trained and be eligible for various empanelments by attending various CPD Courses in such as 6 months course in Valuation and Gold Appraiser Training Program through PPDC under the Ministry of MSME Government of India.


Platform to network and liaison with member constituents, institutions, Central and State Government Officials, Banks, Financial Institutions, etc. that will help you expand your profession as also enable a conducive learning environment for sharing problems and finding prospective solutions.


CEV provides a professional friendly atmosphere to all its members with the enjoyment of Dignity & respectful professional ethics.


Clarifications on major policy issues and redressed of problems of members both at the Central and State Government level & with different Financial institutions.


Provide an opportunity to participate in Seminars, Conferences, Meetings, Symposia, Roundtable Discussions and Training Programs.


Renders expert advice to its members on issues relating to government rules & regulations, Valuation topics, income tax rules, international valuation standards, energy conservation, technical advisory services etc.


Provides an impetus to develop international professional business through exchange programs, and Organizes meetings with foreign delegations, international agencies, Diplomatic Missions and various foreign Chambers of Commerce. Takes business delegations to different countries to explore possibilities for enhancing bilateral professional trade and joint ventures. Disseminates commercial and economic information including trade inquiries/ tenders received from abroad.


Certification of profession-related documents including Certificate of Ordinary Membership etc., for Valuers for professional dignity & distinguished identity.


Design and execute a cost-effective professional-to-professional relationship plan through the Council’s various sponsorship opportunities. Platform to reach across the board through advertising in our Quarterly News Paper named CEV Techno News.


Names and profiles of all the members will be entered in the CEV MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY which is viewed globally by various organizations and clients around the world. Provide you the global reach in the profession & network development.



This newspaper will print the news exclusively related to the topic of Engineering and Valuers only. The copies of this newspaper will be sent to all the Head/Zonal/Regional offices of Banks/Engineering & Technical  Departments of Central / State Government,  Local bodies/ Municipal Corporations/ Development Authorities of Central/ State Government, All Engineering and Polytechnic colleges, All Ministries,  IT Department,  DRTs, IBBI, etc. We have got all necessary sanctions from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India, and completed all the formalities its first inaugural copy is already published in the month of July 2018.


With a CEVian family of more than 3,500 members around the world, we reach out to all Technocrats through our Quarterly published National Newspaper Registered with the Registrar of Newspapers in India, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Government of India, the only Authentic Engineers & Valuers Newspaper in India. It is being published since the inception of CEV India without a break.

The CEV TECHNO NEWS is welcoming Articles, News & Videos, Book Reviews, Commentaries, Reviewed Articles, Technical Notes, Snippets, Case Studies, Books, Theses, and Dissertations relevant to the fields of all subjects. If the articles are qualified and approved for the Valuation subject, they will be eligible for issuance of a certificate of CEP Points as per norms fixed by the Editorial Board.


Council of Engineers & Valuers (CEV) also formed its section-8 registered company in the name of CEV INTEGRAL APPRAISERS FOUNDATIONRecognized by the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India as Registered Valuers Organization (CEV IAF RVO) recognition No-IBBI/RVO/2018/010, being a recognized Registered Valuers Organisation by the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (IBBI) as per the provision of the Companies (Registered Valuers and Valuation) Rules, 2017, provides a wide platform for the Practicing Registered Valuers in India.

According to Section 247 of the Companies Act, 2013 only the Professionals who have been trained by recognized bodies can carry out Valuation. CEV IAF RVO has launched Valuation courses with approval from IBBI to certify valuation professionals namely “50 HRS EDUCATIONAL COURSE UNDER RULE 5(1) READ WITH RULE 12(2)(a) FOR REGISTRATION AS VALUERS IN THE FOLLOWING ASSET CLASSES”:-

  • Land & Building
  • Plant & Machinery
  • Securities & Financial Assets

CEV Charitable Institution Trust is taking regular initiatives to take up the various problems faced by Engineers & Valuers with the highest authorities of the country like the Prime Minister of India, Ministry Of Human Resource Development, All India Council of Technical Education, Deputy Commissioners, Additional Chief Secretary of the states, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Ministry of External Affairs, Reserve Bank of India, Various Bank Offices, etc.

CEV is appointed as one of the stakeholders to deliberate the Draft of Professional Engineers Bill by the Ministry of Human Resource Development & Draft Valuers Bill by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.


This membership classification provides the opportunity for a company or organization to support the activities of CEV and at the same time benefit from a variety of products/ services as well as recognition.

There are two types of CEV Institutional Membership; Corporate Institutional Membership and Academic Institutional Membership. The dues rate is the same, 50,000 per year, yet the benefits package is different.

Some of the benefits that come with CEV Institutional Membership include:

  • Designation of individuals to receive all CEV publications and services
  • Complimentary registration slots at either the CEV International or Indian Conference
  • 50% off exhibit table space at the CEV Conferences
  • Non-CEV members affiliated with the Institutional Member company/organization may attend CEV Conferences at member rates
  • Complimentary placement of the organization’s promotional material on publications tables at the CEV Conferences
  • One complimentary full-page ad in the CEV Forum, The Techno News per year
  • Institutional Membership recognition in the Association’s Membership Directory

CEV offers Life Institutional Membership to organizations throughout India. There are two types of CEV Institutional Membership; Corporate Institutional Membership and Academic Institutional Membership. The dues rate is the same, yet the benefits package is different. Any Educational, Professional Public or Local Body, Registered Company Firm, Corporate or Individual may desire to be attached as Institutional Member (CEVIM).

Each type of Institutional Membership is designed to provide more products and services than the actual cost of membership fees. It is the Institutional Member’s responsibility to avail themselves of the offered benefits annually to maximize their return on this special membership.


  • Institutional Members are entitled to enjoy free e-access to CEV articles & E-books by logging in through www.cevindia.org.
  • Technical collaboration and sponsorship for arranging technical seminars /webinars/symposia/workshops/online training programs and CPDs etc.
  • Institutional Members may avail the opportunity of Installation of the student chapter, Awards & Scholarships for research, education, and R&D grant from CEV if eligible.
  • Free access to CEV library without payment of any fees, (A security deposit, however, is applicable).
  • Participation of two representatives of Institutional members in all National & International activities organized by CEV across the country at a concession of 80% in the Registration fee.
  • Participation of Organizational Staff (both Faculty, Technical and Managerial) in Seminars/webinars/ Symposia / Workshops/ online training programs and CPDs at a concessional rate of 50% as offered to regular Corporate Members.
  • Concession of 80% in the rate for advertisement in the national newspaper of CTN press and in all Institutional Publications. One Free website advertisement is permissible, not exceeding 5.0 X4.5 cm in size for one year.
  • Use of Institution Premises if available for Technical / Academic purposes on payment of a fee to be fixed by the Zonal/State/Local Chapter.
  • The facility of CEV guest room accommodation is available to Managerial / Technical Staff at rates fixed by the Zonal/State/Local Chapter.
  • Submission of Technical Paper to be published in CTN Press, National Newspaper registered with RNI Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Government of India.
  • Institutional members can nominate five of their people as representatives in CEV GROUP.
  • Five hard/soft published copies of quarterly CTN NEWS will be sent free of cost.
  • The News Letter e-bulletin will be mailed if required.
  • Five free delegates, for any one event in a year, organized by CEV GROUP in any of its centers is permissible.
  • Over and above five free delegates, a 90% concession in delegate fee is permissible for its employees.
  • The organization is eligible to nominate one of its representatives to the Coordination Committee with the approval of the President.
  • The technical employees who are having qualification eligibility for membership in CEV India will be given the opportunity to join @ a 90% concession in the prevailing membership fee for a lifetime membership with all benefits.
  • All India Free coverage of all the technical programs/seminars of Institutional members activities in CTN Press, National Newspaper registered with RNI Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Government of India & Engineers Club, Valuers Club, Valuers World, CEV News, ETC.


Open the door to new career opportunities through a premier membership for students who want to make the most out of their education.

With a CEV Student Membership, you have a wide range of learning and networking opportunities to enhance your professional development. Staying connected has never been more important-JOIN NOW

Students enrolled full-time in undergraduate or graduate-level engineering programs may choose any membership grade for which they are eligible, including “student member.”

  • The technical students who are having qualification eligibility for membership in CEV India will be given the opportunity to join @ a 98% concession in the prevailing membership fee for a lifetime membership with all benefits & concessional upgradation after completing graduation.
  • Support to conduct Training Programs, Workshops, Conferences, Site Visits, etc.
  • Support in calling professionals in all engineering branches for delivering Guest Lectures, on topics of interest.
  • “CEN NEWS” a Quarterly National Newspaper from CEV GROUP, to keep abreast of the happenings in CEV GROUP’S and to know the Forthcoming Events.
  • Opportunity to participate in CEV GROUP conducted competitions like CEV FAMILY MEET, which is a zonal meet of Students Chapters.
  • Waiver of entrance fee to become a Life Member of CEV GROUP, after graduation.
  • CEV GROUP’S Events provide a unique opportunity to listen to and interact with experts from within the country and abroad.
  • Concessional rates for Publications of CEV GROUP.
  • Access to CEV GROUP’S WEBSITES, which is a collection of valuable Technical Papers.
  • Access to CEV GROUP’S reference E-BOOKS library.
  • Concessional Delegate fee for participation in CEV GROUP’S events, to get updated on the latest technology & practices in Concrete Industry & various career opportunities for empanelment guidance.


Any educational/career Institution/Organization having more than 20 students in any engineering stream and allied engineering branches can request the Chairman of the nearby chapter of the CEV GROUP or the Vice-President of the region/President/Secretary General at the headquarters the intention of the education institute to open a student’s chapter.  The Institute should satisfy the following conditions

  • The educational/career Institution/Organization shall become an organizational life member of CEV GROUP (OR) at least four faculty members shall be members of CEV GROUP.
  • At least 25% of the students subject to a minimum of 10 shall become student members.
  • a. The Institute shall undertake to organize at least two technical lectures by eminent personalities from the engineering or construction industry each semester.
  • b. Organize technical report writing competitions among students at least once a year.
  • c. Undertake technical visits to construction/industrial sites and write reports on their visits at least once a year.
  • d. Any other technical activity like the exposure of new Industry/production/building materials, etc., as an option.

We call upon all professionals to become members of this organization and avail the benefits available.

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