Jalandhar 18/09/2023 (Bureau Correspondent): Adani (Ambuja & ACC) Cement, a leading name in the cement industry, celebrated Engineers’ Day at Club Cabana, Phagwara Highway, Jalandhar with great enthusiasm and pride, showcasing its commitment to innovation, excellence, and the invaluable contributions of engineers to society. The event was graced by the esteemed presence of a delegation from The Council of Engineers & Valuers, adding prestige and significance to the celebration.

Engineers’ Day, celebrated annually on September 15th in India, marks the birth anniversary of the legendary engineer Sir M. Visvesvaraya. This day is dedicated to honoring the remarkable contributions made by engineers to the development and progress of the nation. Adani Cement took this opportunity to recognize the vital role engineers play in the construction and infrastructure sectors.

The event was a grand celebration of engineering excellence and innovation. Highlights of the Engineers’ Day celebration included:

  1. Keynote Addresses: Eminent speakers from Lovely Professional University Dr. P. K. Sharma, from Adani Cement Er. Suresh Arora Adani (Ambuja & ACC) Cement, Prof. Ar. Nagendra Narayan, Chairman IIA Kapurthala and from the Council of Engineers & Valuers President Dr. Rajwinder Singh & General Secretary Er. Sundeep Bansal delivered inspirational speeches highlighting the importance of engineering in modern society, the latest advancements in the field, and the need for sustainable development.
  2. Interactive Workshops: Engineers and attendees had the chance to participate in engaging workshops that explored cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions in the cement industry.
  3. Technical Exhibitions: Adani (Ambuja & ACC) Cement showcased its latest products and technologies, demonstrating the company’s commitment to quality and sustainability.
  4. Panel Discussions: Industry experts and engineers engaged in insightful panel discussions on topics such as infrastructure development, sustainable construction practices, and the future of engineering.
  5. Networking Opportunities: Engineers, professionals, and delegates from The Council of Engineers & Valuers connected, exchanged ideas, and built valuable connections.

Er. Suresh Arora of Adani (Ambuja & ACC) Cement, expressed his gratitude towards engineers and their pivotal role in the company’s success. He said, “Engineers are the backbone of our industry. Their dedication, expertise, and innovation drive our progress. Engineers’ Day is an occasion to celebrate their remarkable contributions and inspire the next generation of engineers.”


Dr. P. K. Sharma Professor LPU presented a very knowledgeable speech on sustainable construction. Sustainable building construction techniques are a set of practices that aim to minimize the negative impact of construction on the environment while creating comfortable, efficient, and healthy spaces for people to live and work. He added sustainable building construction techniques are not just a trend; they are a necessity for our planet’s future. They promote responsible resource management, energy efficiency, and healthier living environments. By adopting these practices, we can reduce our ecological footprint, combat climate change, and create a more sustainable and resilient world for ourselves and future generations.

The Council of Engineers & Valuers delegation was deeply impressed by Adani Cement’s commitment to engineering excellence and its dedication to sustainability. They commended Adani Cement for its role in promoting best practices in the cement industry.

Dr. Rajwinder Singh President of the Council of Engineers expressed his excitement about the event, stating, “Engineers are the driving force behind technological advancements and infrastructure development. At Adani Cement, we recognize the vital role engineers play in our industry, and we are thrilled to partner with the Council of Engineers to celebrate their achievements and promote knowledge sharing.”

Er. Sundeep Bansal, General Secretary of the Council of Engineers, added, “Engineers Day is a momentous occasion for all of us. We are delighted to collaborate with Adani Cement to organize an event that not only honors engineers but also fosters collaboration, innovation, and knowledge sharing. Together, we can empower the engineering community to drive positive change.”

He added Engineers are the architects of progress. They are the problem solvers, the innovators, the builders of bridges, the creators of technology, and the guardians of our environment. We are the silent heroes who work diligently behind the scenes, making the impossible possible. Our work touches every aspect of life, from infrastructure and communication to healthcare and renewable energy.

Er. Bansal added “Let us also remember that engineering is not just about numbers and equations; it is about improving the quality of life for people. It’s about creating solutions that benefit society as a whole. So, let us work not only with technical expertise but also with empathy and a deep sense of responsibility.”

About Adani (Ambuja & ACC) Cement: Adani (Ambuja & ACC) Cement is a leading player in the Indian cement industry, committed to delivering high-quality products and sustainable solutions. The company is known for its innovation and dedication to environmental responsibility, contributing to the growth and development of the nation’s infrastructure.

Er. Garnish Dhir Regional Sales Manager (SP), Er. Garg Branch Head Jalandhar Ambuja, Er.Sahil Puri Branch Head Jalandhar ACC, Er. Singh TSE ACC Phagwara, Er. Kumar TSE Ambuja Phagwara, Er. Tanvir Singh Dhillon TSE ACC Jalandhar, Er. Lakhwinder Singh TSO Ambuja Phagwara, Sondhi Trading Company (Naresh Sondhi). R K Sood & Co. (Ram Krishan Sood and Raghav Sood), Duggal Agencies (Bal Bhaddar Sain Duggal and Ashok Duggal), Tulsi Ram, Khera Cement Store (Lovely Khera), Naveen Garg, Rakesh Building Material (Rakesh Kumar), Dr. Rajwinder Singh President CEV, Er. Jaspal Chairman, Er. Vaibhav Joint Secretary, Er. Kishore Sharma Additional Secretary, Er. Sunil Katyal Aditional Secretary, Er. Ranjan Gupta Director, Er. Pratap Chand Administrative Officer, Er. Arun Verma Director, Mr. Aman Bagga President DMA, Mr. Pardeep Verma Chairman DMA, Mr. Ajit Singh Buland General Secretary DMA were present to grace the occasion.

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