My deceased wife is a co-applicant in our joint demat account. Can I now trade shares on my own?

I hold shares in a demat account in which I am the first applicant and my wife the second applicant. My wife passed away recently. Can I trade in shares on my own now? Are there any formalities that I need to do in this regard?

Raj Khosla, Founder and Managing Director,, replies: Following the death of a joint account holder, the ownership of shares is shifted in the name of remaining account owners. The process is straightforward enough. You are required to submit a completed transmission request form, along with joint ownership of shares, wife’s death certificate, succession certificate, probate and your duly verified specimen signature, being the successor. These documents should be notarised. Sebi requires a listed company to ensure that transmission of dematerialized holdings is processed within seven days of receiving the documents. In case the company refuses the request, it is required to notify within 30 days. No stamp duty is applicable on transmission requests.

I have invested in NCDs, but haven’t received any interest for the past two years. I have called the company but received no response. What should I do?

Vikash Jain, Co-founder, Share Samadhan Pvt Ltd, replies: Reliance Home Finance Ltd is undergoing a debt resolution process under the supervision of RBI. BOB Capital and Ernst & Young are managing the process. Once it is completed, NCD holders along with other creditors would be paid as per the resolution plan.

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