Dr Shefalika the city resident has Qualified for the toughest examination of the Independent Directors of the Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs(IICA).


Jalandhar (Techno News): In a special interview with our Techno Journalist Dr. Shefalika shared the steps of the journey from a House Wife to an Independent Director in the Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs under the aegis of Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India.

She is a graduate in Arts & Bachelor of Education(B. Ed.). Having Doctorate in Women Empowerment in Corporate Governance & Social Responsibilities and has a vast knowledge in administration & teaching profession due to heredity & subjects opted in her graduation level which is very much related to subjects of educational course under Rule 5(1) for registration as valuer which includes 1) relationship of political science, history, sociology & psychology. 2) state-definition elements & its distinction from government & society. 3)state –liberal, Marxian & Gandhian views of the state. 4) welfare state-concept & functions of the welfare state. 5) the political system of the country. 6) rights & duties of citizens, 7) political system, political culture, environmental protection issues & efforts. 8)Universal declaration of human rights, liberty, equality, justice, 9)democracy, theories of democracy, 9)constitution assembly & making of India’s constitution, 10)basic features of Indian constitution, 11)preamble & its importance, 12)nature of Indian federalism & center state relations, 12)fundamental rights features, kinds & e valuation, 12)fundamental duties, 13)directive principles of the state policy, 14)parliament composition, powers & role, 15)president election powers & position, 16)Indian cabinet & prime minister election, powers, position & changing role, 17)supreme court & high court-composition, powers & role, 18)governor-appointment, powers & role, 19)state legislature-composition, powers & role, 20)council of ministers & chief minister election-powers, position & role, 21)election commission commission-powers functions and electoral reforms, 22)basic principles & determinants of Indian foreign policy, 23)judicial systems of different countries, 24)new international economic order, also of various languages & history & culture, etc.,

These subjects & administrative expertise of her is, directly and indirectly, benefiting the day to day working of the organization and also to members of the organization for their better uplifting and enhancement of knowledge in the education & profession.

She is a Founder & first woman Director in a Registered Valuer Organisation CEV Integral Appraisers Foundation a Company Registered Under Section-8 Of Companies Act-2013, Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Based upon her dedication & hard work she raised to the level of   Managing Director of the CEV INTEGRAL APPRAISERS FOUNDATION & now serving the organization as General Manager w.e.f. 01st Jan-2021.

As a General Manager her Core Responsibilities are:

  • Give strategic advice and report results and findings to the chairman and board members.

  • Keep all relevant stakeholders informed of developments online with the company’s objectives.

  • Manage resources, including the attracting, hiring, and retention of personnel.

  • Ensure employees move in the same strategic direction to achieve its mission.

  • Create and report on business plans, monitoring its efficacy and progress.

  • Remain close to all stakeholders including the chairman and board members, staff, clients, key decision makers, and external service suppliers.

  • Research and implement new initiatives to drive revenue, lower operating costs while maintaining quality products that are competitive, all while delivering excellent customer support.

  • Continuous monitoring of the annual budget and ensure that revenue/sales targets are met.

  • Manage and report on the effective implementation of a marketing strategy to maintain market relevance and promote products and services to increase sales.

  • Manage key personnel, clients, and service providers.

  • Maintain the quality of products, services, customer support and level of service in line with service level agreements and other retention strategies.

  • Promote the wellness of staff and implementing policies in line with labor legislation and health and safety guidelines to create a diverse and positive working environment.

  • Preparation of annual reports and attending/presenting at board meetings/IBBI meetings.

Being a qualified & leading Journalist of the city (from Parth School of Journalism) & she is appointed as a Sub Editor of a national newspaper registered with the RNI Government of India for Engineers and Valuers named CEV TECHNO NEWS

  • Writing, rewriting, editing, and proofreading text

  • Making sure that house style is adhered to (writing headlines, picture captions, and story summaries

  • Editing reports and press releases

  • Liaising with journalists, reporters and editors

  • Verifying information and story details

  • Gathering and preparing routine information,

  • Ensuring that stories are the right length and correctly placed on pages

  • Making sure that stories are accurate and do not compromise legality

She is a Government certified Gold Appraiser (Valuer) from TDC-PPDC, MSME Technology Development Centre (PPDC), Ministry of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises, Government of India.

She is appointed as Vice President of the Dayal Nagar Residents Committee since 2011 Registered under Societies Registration Act and Secretary of Mahila Mandal for the last 10 years.

  • She has the final call towards purchasing or approving any contract for the committee and implementing the same.

  • She engages herself in all the events and occurrences in the society and ensures that people are content and also oversees all the expenses and makes sure that they are used for resident’s well-being and development.

  • She carryout Social awareness about cleanliness, water conservation, cleaning of streets and surroundings, and formation of self-help groups, etc

She also looks after the work of Corporate Social Activities of her company. And recently has formed – research, impact evaluations, gender, diversity, and inclusion, of which she is the head.

Her main job in the research project:

  • Designing research and impact evaluations

  • Developing study tools, managing data collection, analysis and report writing

  • Write proposals, develop concepts, work on research assignments, participate in donor/client meetings, contribute in monitoring, evaluation, and reporting

  • Training on Gender Equality and Prevention of sexual harassment at the workplace

  • Training of women on career progression, life skills, health and safety, and financial inclusion for women

  • Support and help coordinate the implementation of gender, diversity and inclusion programs

  • Community intervention on gender equality

  • Travel to urban/rural locations across India to accomplish the task.

She has recently Qualified Independent Director’s Examination of IICA on 1st March-2021 & is a member of Independent Directors Databank (IDDB) of Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs for up-gradation and enhancement of knowledge and expertise in Corporate Governance.

She is also associated & giving her services for charitable purposes to  CEV Professional Development & Educational Trust & CEV Charitable Institution Trust which are registered under Indian Trust Act-1882 in which she is actively working in the following areas:-

Social Activities:

  • To establish and run various welfare Centres to promote de-Addiction, Welfare of senior citizens, physically and mentally handicapped person and overall human development.

  • To promote social welfare activities with special emphasis on women empowerment.

  • To support good governance and anti-corruption initiatives at the country level.

  • To prevent corruption through research, advocacy, lobbying, and awareness campaigns.

  • To stimulate public awareness about corruption, corruption trends, corruption impact and to enable civil society to raise their voice against corruption.

  • To work for the betterment of women, children, senior citizens, and the disabled and to fight against social wrongs like discrimination and harassment based on gender, etc. with a vision of social justice.

  • To help the poor in their social affairs viz arranging group marriages and inter-caste marriages.

  • To promote the cause of sanitation and construct toilets for Poor free of cost.

  • To promote water conservation, educate about recycling of water, spread awareness for ponds and other water reservoirs.

  • To eliminate child labor, child trafficking, and child abuse and focus on the education and resettlement of these deprived children.

  • To fight against corruption and make people aware of their legal and consumer rights.

  • To undertake and Re-construct Road, to plants, Shelters for shelterless, Pure & Safe Drinking Water Facilities, Rural Sanitation, Rural Development, and other developmental works.

  • Microfinance and SHG Group and RMK  any other Micro Finance Objective.

Education, Research, and Training Activities:

  • To promote, establish, run, develop and manage schools, Colleges, Technical Institutions, libraries, coaching centers, etc.

  • To render, advise, give consultation, promote utilization of research and enhance, develop, exchange research programs and establish co-operation between institutions engaged in research in various fields of modern education.

  • To promote education, especially girl and S.C, S.T, OBC Student education.

  • To conduct educational, environmental, and sociological studies.

  • To promote the use of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) for the socio-economic development of the community.

  • To push for legal and judicial reforms, civil service reform, and effective public administration.

  • To improve accountability and transparency in political, administrative and social areas.

  • To advocate a more efficient public financial management and public service delivery.

  • To construct a consensus for joining hands in corruption control.

  • To organize training and refresher programmers for the volunteers and officials of different Non-Government Organizations to strengthen the development skills of trainees through IEC (information, education, and communication) which they can use in the development sector.

  • To disseminate information and knowledge, to edit, publish, and print literature and documents, and to organize seminars/ conference/ meetings, etc.

  • To manage skill development programs and promote the participation of youth (unemployed as well as students) in income generation activities.

  • To organize lectures, seminars, and workshops to help or strengthen the character-building process.

  • To remove illiteracy and to spread Adult Education for the age group: 15-35 years.

Women Empowerment Activities:

  • To fight against all types of violence being committed against girls, children, and women and to make an aware society of such evils as dowry, molestations, and the like.

  • To rain women for self-employment through vocational courses to be conducted free of cost to attach and Gate or made on self-help group upgrade them about loaded for them by NABARD and other such organization.

  • Empowering women through marketing linkages of their produces/ products for ensuring food and livelihood security and self-sustained economy.

  • To educate women about family planning and benefits thereof.

  • To work for uplifting the status of women in the society and to work against female circumcision and fight against the victimization of girl/ women by anybody in the society on female circumcision on any other related issues.

Health Related Activities:

  • To promote establish, run, develop and manage hospitals, medical colleges, research institutions, counseling centers, dispensaries, etc.

  • To educate people against taking drugs and alcohol.

  • To provide help under health and nutrition services for women and children.

  • To organize blood donation camps, immunization and encourage organ donation.

  • To provide free medicine in deprived residing in rural areas by arranging medical fair mobile dispensaries giving free medicine.

  • To create awareness as to fight diseases like leprosy, tuberculosis, malaria, jaundice, cancer, HIV/ AIDS, etc.

Environment Related Activities:

  • To work for environmental awareness, sustainable development, and participative management of local natural resources for village level development.

  • To ensure environmental sustainability, ecological balance, production of flora and fauna, Agroforestry, conservation of natural resources.

  • Plantation and Forestation.

  • To create awareness about disaster management and to help the victims of natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, Tsunami, fires, wind storms, cyclone,s etc.

Agriculture, Horticulture Related Activities :

  • Encouraging sustainable agriculture development, Horticulture, and Land Development.

  • To promote organic production and their marketing in the area of agriculture.

Animal Welfare Related Activities :

  • To work for animal husbandry, animal medical care, animal right and to implement the project on Development on fisheries.

  • To help the victims of natural disasters be it animals.

Sports-Related Activities :

  • To organize Sports events and talent search events for the youth.

  • To promote and provide training for rural sports, nationally recognized sports and Paralympics sports, and Olympic Sports.

  • Career games as to the development of education courses.

Other Activities :

  • To publish newspaper, magazine, journal and reproduce of arts, literature, science, craft and other allied works/ collections of works of arts for instruction and imparting useful knowledge.

  • To eliminate poverty, unemployment, and starvation such as rural industries, home industries, small industry, small scale industries and efforts to ensure proper market conditions.

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